Simply put, One Be Lo is one of the finest emcees in the business today. From his stage command to his meaningful lyrics to his commitment to hip hop culture, the Pontiac, Michigan native and member of the group Binary Star is a complete artist, independent and driven towards advancing the dialogue within hip hop towards a brighter future for tomorrow’s up and coming artists.

One Be Lo’s latest releases are two parts in a mixtape series, Laborhood Parts 1 and 2, featuring highlights from a distinguished catalogue of music. Guest appearances on the mixtape include RoSpit, T Calmese, Zhao, Fat Ray, Marv Won, Fatt Father, Black Milk, 14KT and Moe Dirdee.

The mixtapes are in anticipation of his upcoming full length album, L.A.B.O.R. (Language Arts Based On Reality), set to release September 6.

labor- n.

1-work, expecially hard physical work.

– such workers considered as a social class or political force.

2. the process of childbirth


A condition or state of being the thing or being in the role denoted by the word it is suffixed to, usually a noun.